The Point…

The point is being missed, as it always is.. Maybe because the point is not where the focus should be. Why are we always searching for sharpness, for points? We never find them for they do not truly exist. There is no one “point”. Every point can be broken down into infinitely more points and our obsession with finding the point is stealing our attention from the greater, the more, the Whole. Why are we so obsessed with points rather than wholes? And I smile wryly as I write this because I can hear the sexual innuendo through this already, and it is reflective of the energy of this whole planet… We have focused on the singular, the point, the hunter/killer, the linear, what we have been conditioned to believe is Man. And yet we are so far aware from the true essence of the masculine that I shake my head and feel myself wanting to weep with sorrow. The masculine is not sharp, at least not in the way we have been taught. Masculine is sharp of courage, of wit and of sight, but not of heart. We have forgotten the strength of gentleness. We have forgotten the courage it takes to show softness, to show feeling, to live in authenticity. We have forgotten the power of vulnerability.
These people shout and holler and scream that we should fight. Fighting a fight is never going to bring peace. Yes, the energy has to be met, but it has to be met and transformed; not met and fought. These people who claim to be saviours become victims of the very energy they believe they are trying to change.. Because they are not trying to change it, they are trying to kill it. Their focus is still on a point, rather than the whole.
You ask the physicists, or the biologists where the most energy is, and they will tell you it is in the space, not in the matter. We are so stuck, so restricted, so consumed by what the matter is that we miss the freedom and the flow of the most abundant thing in this universe. We are ignoring the power of the space. We are ignoring the power of the flow. We are fighting something that cannot be fought. You cannot overpower this. It cannot be fought. It has to be transformed. It has to be accepted, and love has to be brought to it so that it has no power to hate anymore. And if that cannot be done then it must be starved out. We have to stop feeding the thing we say we want to stop. Giving it energy feeds it, it fuels it, powers it.
Just stop.
Change your focus.
Come back to 3ft.
You can pretty much only influence that which is within 3ft of you and so do that. What can you reach? What can you actually DO?
You can smile.
You can love those closest to you that bit more.
You can stop wasting precious time and energy hating on things you cannot change.
You can work and strive for connection rather than separation.
You can quit talking about others with disdain and judgement and start speaking of them with love. Or else just stay quiet for there is enough pain in this world already.
You can stop pointing out what is wrong and start embracing what is healthy and right.
You can remember that you don’t need to understand another’s actions to love them.
You can stop running. Instead you can turn and face whatever it is that you fear.
You can cease being part of the problem and be part of the solution.
You can stop projecting your pain onto others and take responsibility for it.
Start by loving yourself. How you treat you is how you ultimately treat others.
We can ALL do this.
Right NOW.
Your home, your workplace, the supermarket… How do you behave? Do you act as if the world owes you? Do you treat those working hard to earn their living as lesser citizens of this world? How would you feel were the positions flipped? Have you forgotten we are all of equal value and that numbers on screens actually mean nothing and that those people you sit in judgement of may hold hearts so overflowing with love that one day you will be grateful for it because one day you will be faced with the fact that your own heart is derelict for you denied and ignored it for so long, scared of what you may find there. Then you will need their love. You will beg for it. You will plead on your knees for it. And because they Know the things that you ignored and forgot, they will welcome you with open arms and they will Love you. And your mind that you once thought was so clever will implode under the simplest of actions; a hug; a smile; the brush of a hand. And then maybe you will begin to remember that what matters is not the matter at all. It is the nuances, the spaces, the feelings, the touch, the eyes, oh those eyes, the ones that seem to see straight into your soul. This is what has meaning. Not that which we are programmed to attach value to.
And so the challenge is this: to be part of the problem or part of the solution.
You can talk big words but are you willing to put the action in.
Will you begin to surrender the fights within yourselves? Because this is where peace starts. The outer reflects the inner.
Are you doing what you want to do?
Are you being true to yourself?
Are you being the best mother, brother, sister, father, son, daughter, friend, lover, teacher, worker that you can be? Each day. In all you do.
Stop thinking about what you can get. Instead focus on what you can give. And then you will find that magic begins to occur in your life.. For as you give, so the Universe will give to you.
Give freely.
Give wholeheartedly.
Give with joy.
Give with love.
Give with peace.
And if you cannot do this then give someone the honour of receiving you, and being there for you, and holding you, and hearing you and seeing you.
Let someone see you.
The real you.
The one you think is unworthy.
The one you hide behind doors and under duvets and that you are struggling more and more to keep clamped down and that is threatening to burst out of you every time you think no one is looking.
I see you.
Yes, you.
I see you.
You are seen.
Hear this:
You are enough.
You are loved.
You are held.
These are facts woven into your flesh that if you just stopped for one split second you would hear in the silence and the spaces between.
You are seen.
You are enough.
You are loved.
You are held.
You say you want to change this world? Start with your own world. Your inner world. Your immediate world. Then one day, sooner than you think, all the worlds we each inhabit will join together and the strength of those 7.2 billion worlds will become One, as they always were and are beneath the façade we call “progress”.
Be peace.
Be love.
Be you.
Just be you. Do what makes YOUR heart sing. Do what brings YOU joy. Do what allows you to sleep peacefully at night.
This is how we change the world.
Each world, each heart, each breath, each space at a time…
For that is the point, after all…
If reposting/sharing, please credit this page fully. Please do not post on websites, blogs etc without prior permission from the author. Thank you. © Copyright 2017 Where Divine Fire Glows

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