Myofascial Yoga

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What is Myofascial Yoga?

Myofascial Yoga invites you into a conversation with your body, giving you time and space to learn how to listen and communicate more deeply. By learning to recognise what your body is saying, it is possible to reduce pain, improve movement, build resilience and increase well-being; all whilst having fun at the same time! 

Myofascial Yoga was developed by Christine Wushke, a myofascial release practitioner, yoga therapist, Hakomi teacher and functional movement trainer. By recognising and applying the commonalities between traditional yoga practice and the latest fascial research, Christine has developed a way of working with the body that meets you where you are at, allowing you to move forward with your recovery and health from wherever you are.

What happens during class? 

During classes you will partake in some form of gentle movement – with options given for greater challenge – as well as exploring meditation, pranayama (breath), myofascial rebounding, myofascial unwinding and self-treatment with myofascial treatment balls. This variety helps to give you lots of choice for how to engage with your body in the right way for you to best promote optimum health and well-being. Each class is different depending on who is in it and how the energy of the class leads us.

The Myofascial Approach to Yoga is gentle, client-led and taught in a trauma informed way, meaning classes are suitable for almost everyone, opening the doors into movement for those who may find a “normal” yoga class a little too challenging.

One principle of this approach, which is the heart of all yoga, is to learn to hear when your body is saying “enough” and to listen, thus empowering our bodies to cease needing to scream at us with pain signals and tension, and instead allowing them to whisper to us, trusting we are going to pay attention. 

Where can I take classes?
Currently classes are taught at Holisticare near Bishops Stortford, Herts on a Wednesday, and at Aerial Fitness and Fun in King’s Lynn. There are also Zo

om classes for those unable to attend in person.

Holisticare – Wednesdays 10:15 – 11:15 – Book HERE

Aerial Fitness and Fun – Sundays 10:00-11:15 – Book HERE

Claire also offers Myofascial Yoga Retreats which give you a chance to dive even deeper into connection with yourself, learn new skills for self care and quantum leap your journey to health and well-being. Please see the Retreats page for more info. ​​